How to create a website #7: How to create a beautiful website (II)

The second part of the practical example. In the last article I configured the theme and the header. We will now explore the footer and WPBakery Page Builder.

How to create a website #6: How to create a beautiful website (I)

The long-awaited moment has come when we will explore how to build a website using a practical example. I will not repeat all the steps in the previous articles, because you already know how to configure a theme, header and footer, how to create a page or a menu. Instead, I will detail configurations and content blocks. The article turned out to be very long, so I split it into two parts.

How to create a website #5: Creating pages and posts

It’s time to talk about content creation. How to add a page, how to add a post and how to create a menu.

How to create a website #4: Header and footer

The header and footer remain the same regardless of the page. Just like a brochure. Personally, after setting the theme, I prefer to define these two.

How to create a website #3: Customize the theme

The theme of a WordPress website dictates what the overall structure and style of the elements will look like. That is, the header, footer, buttons, fonts, text, colors, etc. A good theme lets you customize all these aspects and gives you a wide variety of options to choose from.

How to create a website # 2: Installing the theme and plugins

In WordPress, themes and plugins are very easy to install. You can choose from the official library or you can upload them manually from other sources. To connect to the WordPress control panel go to domainname.ro/wp-admin where domainname is your web domain or http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin in case of offline installation. Use the login data you set in the previous article.

How to create a website # 1: Installing and configuring WordPress

As promised, the first article in the new series in which I will present the installation and configuration of a WordPress website.

How to create a website: A tutorial series

I’m returning after the publishing break with a miniseries of articles on how to create a website. A series of tutorials in which I will explain step by step the web design process, in a way accessible to beginners. It’s been a while since the last article was published. It is due to the projects and a new book to be released (and announced). The new book will go hand in hand with this series. More details coming soon.

YouTube Marketing: What are the benefits of YouTube?

The notion of YouTube Marketing is understood by a small number of companies. In principle, if you can’t put money into paid advertising (PPC), it’s not worth the effort. But the purpose of YouTube is not to put your products and services around consumers’ necks, interrupting the video they are watching.

Social Media Sales: How to Sell on Facebook

Selling on Social Media is an easy approach to digital commerce. In the time I spend on social media, I notice that although there is a presence on social media, it is not organized to sell. When I say sell, I mean displaying the offer in such a way that the potential customer can place an order.
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