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Maibach is a custom real estate construction company. The story of Maibach began in 2002 when the owner built the house where he would live with his family. That’s when he realized that there is no company that offers quality services in civil engineering. This finding led in 2005 to the formation of a team of skilled workers, reliable people, who can provide quality services in the field of construction and actively participate in building a successful business. Everything was born from passion and the desire to see happy and satisfied families at the end of their new home.



This logo is by far among the most powerful and imposing on the market. This can be seen in the simplicity and harshness of the font that speaks for itself and makes you understand what the brand wants to express.

The brand name becomes the logo and therefore the reason why very few suggestive elements were used. On the left a house was formed with the help of the main shape and the letter “M”. The shadow behind the text suggests the continuity of the house construction, so the color of the shadow is similar to that of the main shape.

MAIBACH is cleverly highlighted just to create confusion and to be very easy to read in a second.

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