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Monica Marcoianu is an Access Consciousness practitioner who also offers psycho-emotional counseling. Moderates groups of hundreds of people on social media and is the author of the Drop of Wisdom platform. She also appears on YouTube where she publishes live shows and discusses topics of spiritual interest.



The SenDesign team met Monica Marcoianu first as clients and then as collaborators. Attracted by Access Bars therapy, I took part in a revealing session. After the meeting, we discussed the basics of the Drop of Wisdom platform.

It is an e-learning platform that allows you to take courses with lessons divided by days. Each day from the date of enrollment, a student will be unlocked with a new lesson. Upon enrollment, the student receives an email with the access data, at which point the first lesson is unlocked.

For easy editing of the lessons we have implemented an advanced editor, which allows standard functions such as text thickening, adding colors, reducing or enlarging the font and other style elements.

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