How to create a website #15: Speed optimization

Website speed is the first quality index. Yes, your website is very beautiful, attractive and intuitive, but if it doesn’t load in a maximum of 5 seconds, no one will notice it.

How to create a website #14: Website Security

We rely heavily on technology. We store important data in the cloud such as personal preferences or stock history. Even financial transactions take place on the internet. Securing them is essential.

How to Create a Website #13: Blog and SEO

In a highly digitalized world, positioning in engines like Google dictates the success of your website. Because the vast majority of internet users do not go beyond the first page of results. You are not on the front page, you do not exist.

How to create a website #12: Setting up an online shop

The online store is the next level where you can take your website. WordPress is very versatile, so switching to ecommerce is easy.

How to create a website #11: Popup windows

Popup windows are useful when you want to send information to the visitor regardless of his location on the website. It can be offers, discounts, news, newsletter subscription forms or cookies usage warnings.

How to create a website #10: Contact forms

Many times in a website you need to collect data. Whether it is registrations, requests for quotes or simple contact methods, any website needs forms.

How to create a website #9: Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is a sensitive topic. Their growth in popularity has made optimization essential and in some cases has led to complete ignorance of the desktop segment.

How to create a website #8: Advanced customizations

In WordPress you work with themes and plugins. Both these and the platform have an update cycle. Some updates may change the way certain settings work, others may change the way the design is interpreted, or they may simply bring issues that are waiting to be resolved in the next update. Regardless of the situations listed, you need to quickly solve the design problem and then use the CSS code.

How to create a website #7: How to create a beautiful website (II)

The second part of the practical example. In the last article I configured the theme and the header. We will now explore the footer and WPBakery Page Builder.

How to create a website #6: How to create a beautiful website (I)

The long-awaited moment has come when we will explore how to build a website using a practical example. I will not repeat all the steps in the previous articles, because you already know how to configure a theme, header and footer, how to create a page or a menu. Instead, I will detail configurations and content blocks. The article turned out to be very long, so I split it into two parts.
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