We have prepared a list of questions that our customers frequently ask us. If you are in doubt, take a look at them. Your question may already be answered here.



1Can I pay in installments?
Yes, depending on the total cost we can split it into two or more payments, or even a monthly subscription.
2What refund policy do you have?
As these are custom works, no refund policy applies. We strictly follow the directions you give us so that the end result is to your liking.
3If I purchase multiple services, does a discount apply?
Categorical! We apply discounts to customers who opt for more than one service or want to develop several projects. And not only that, with the purchase of certain packages, there are also freebies.
4I want to learn how to promote myself, what do you recommend?
We provide you with the book The Online Business Guide, numerous articles on blog- our and a group of Facebook SenDesign Community where you can ask us questions.
Questions about

Web Design

1How much does a website cost?
The cost of developing a website depends on the number of desired pages and their complexity. There is no universal cost for any website, but we provide you with a tool by which you can get an estimated cost here.
2How long does it take to develop a website?
It depends a lot on the nature of the website. A presentation website can take between 2 and 4 weeks, while an online store usually takes 1-2 months.
3Do you offer advice on choosing a hosting package and domain?
We help you choose the right domain for your business and recommend the hosting plan (together with the provider) that your project needs.
4Do you also optimize for mobile?
Yes! In a digital world, we fully understand the need for information to be available regardless of device.
5Can you integrate apps into your website?
Depending on the nature of the application and the website, yes we can. Whether it's integrating a web application into an existing website or connecting a mobile application to a website developed from scratch.
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1What is SEO optimization? Can a team of web developers handle it all?
Yes and no. On-Page SEO Optimization (on the page, details here), involves optimizing the content itself. The text on the website must meet a number of criteria and be present in a certain amount. So, SEO Optimization is something that is done in collaboration with you or the department that deals with website texts.
2I have a website but it does not appear in the search pages. What can you do?
First of all, we perform the website audit. Then, we ensure that it meets all Google standards from the point of view of SEO Optimization On-Page, speed and adaptability. After we make sure that all these criteria are met, we start working on the content and expanding the visibility of the website. An important step is online marketing, so we will look for ways to popularize your website both organically and through CPC.
3How long does SEO optimization take?
It never stops. SEO optimization is an ongoing process. As the competition moves forward, you'll want to keep up. Even if you have achieved a very high position in the search engines, you will still have to work to maintain it.
4How long does it take for optimization results to appear?
SEO optimization results appear after the first 6 months depending on budget and traffic.
5Content VS Backlinks
The question is whether it is worth investing only in content optimization or only in building links to your website. The answer is that you need both, but the main priority is the content.
6What guarantees do you offer?
With the right budget we can guarantee appearing on the front page. But it is a process that requires time and an investment directly proportional to the competition.
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1What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that combines a variety of social networks to get good communication with potential and current customers and get your business known. This form of marketing consists of activities such as sharing content, videos and images both for the purpose of advertising and promoting your brand.
2What are you offering in email marketing campaigns?
As part of email marketing campaigns, we design and send emails to the list of subscribers you send us.
3Do you have email databases?
NO! We do not provide databases of email addresses for marketing. We do not collect these addresses either, even if they are public. Subscriber lists must be obtained legally, i.e. through the recipient's knowing subscription, and the right to be forgotten must be respected.
SEO optimization is a process that brings long-term benefits. While Cost per Click advertising campaigns bring traffic impulses only as much as the campaign budget holds. They're great for regular traffic infusions and exposing your website to a new pool of customers, but they can't replace SEO efforts.
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App Development

1How much does an app cost?
The cost of developing an app depends on several factors. Thus, I have prepared 2 blog articles for you: Mobile applications: How much does it cost to develop an application?, Web Application: How much does it cost to develop an application? and a cost calculation tool here.
2How long does development take?
Development for a simple app takes around 2 months for Android and 3 for iOS. A web application can be ready in a month.
3Are you developing universal apps?
We only develop native apps, for Android, iOS and Web. That is, an application will have 3 variants, one for each platform, developed individually.
4Who owns the copyright?
All rights to the resulting product rest entirely with the customer. In the case of source code, this requirement must be expressed from the beginning. For web applications, we use proprietary technology, and so to be able to give away these rights as well, we have to develop all the technology from scratch, unlike what we have developed proprietary now.