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We have prepared a list of questions that our clients often ask us. If you have a question, take a look at them. The answer to your question may already be here.

None of the design / development / optimization packages match my project. Can we change them?

Desigur! Pachetele de servicii și prețurile afișate sunt aproximative și au rol de etalon. Pentru un estimat personalizat și gratuit, trimite-ne un mesaj aici.

Of course! The service packages and prices displayed are approximate and serve as an example. For a personalized and free estimate, send us a message here.

If I buy more services, is there a discount?

Absolutely! We apply discounts to customers who opt for more than one service or want to develop more projects. And not only so, when purchasing certain packages, we also offer some free services. For example, for large web design packages, logo design is free.

I have a website but it does not appear on the search pages. What can you do?

First of all, we audit the website. Then we ensure that it meets all of Google’s standards in terms of On-Page SEO Optimization, Speed and Responsiveness. Once we make sure that all of these criteria are met, we start to work on the content and the visibility of the website. An important step is online marketing, so we’ll look for ways to popularize your website both organic and CPC.

The cost is very high, can I pay staggered?

Yes, depending on the total cost we can pay it in two or more payments, or even a monthly subscription.

Why do some services not have the estimated prices displayed?

The cost of some services, such as the development of mobile applications, depends greatly on the project. The amount of information, complexity, platform, time allocated, etc. For a personalized and free estimate, send us a message here.

Do you offer advice on choosing your hosting package and domain name?

We help you choose the domain name for your business and we recommend the hosting plan (along with the provider) that your project needs. If you have any ideas, you can check the availability of the desired domain here.

What is SEO optimization? Can a team of web developers be fully involved?

Yes and no. On-Page SEO optimization (details here), involves optimizing the content itself. The text on the website must meet a number of criteria and be present in a certain quantity.

Therefore, SEO Optimization is something that is done in collaboration with you or the department that deals with the texts of the website.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that combines a variety of social networks to get good communication with potential and current customers and to make your business known. This form of marketing consists of activities such as distributing content, videos and images for both the advertising and branding of your company.