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Trained as first class web designers, our philosophy relies on exceptional design combined with rational and impeccable functionality. We focus on revealing the essence of every design challenge to create comprehensive and sustainable solutions. We add elegance to your website and make sure your brand has the best chances of success in the online environment.

SenDesign is an online agency that focuses on quality, innovation and speed. We use technology to get the best results and to help develop our clients’ business. We pride ourselves on our ethics, integrity and results. Over time, SenDesign has succeeded in creating stunning and easy-to-use designs that have allowed our customers to have a much better and more pronounced presence in the online environment.



The Hermes by SenDesign platform is the ideal ERP for your business! From invoices to wages and reports, the Hermes platform provides you with all the tools you need to manage your company and automate thorough processes. Intuitive and easy to access, it is compatible with all browsers and devices. This way you have access to any information at any time.

Hermes is a modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), hosted online, designed for easy and intuitive use. It gives you a way to manage your company’s needs. In short, it makes the connection between a database and the operator, through the graphical interface. All processes and operations within the company can be managed through this ERP. Being modular, you can choose which feature packages you need from the complete list.

The Hermes by SenDesign platform provides all the primary functions a company needs, such as administration, accounting, inventory management, customer nomenclatures and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), procurement, sales and reporting.

You can automate most repetitive processes, such as invoices, reports, product orders, emails, and even social media posts. In any second you are aware of all the activities that are carried out by your employees through a task and completion reports.

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