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V.O.X. has been looking for over ten years to perfect the recipe for all tastes in Entertainment. The band has packaged in a professional package, the respect for music and the passion that keeps them together on stage and in the rehearsal hall for thousands and thousands of days! They also added an important cause: discipline. From it came the relaxation and naturalness, the factors present at each event handed to them. The V.O.X. knows that each of them is master of himself and can rely on their fans.



In 2020 we completely rebranded V.O.X. We created o a new website, more beautiful and faster. Inside we have integrated many applications for advanced features such as reviews, video gallery, image gallery, event scheduling, playlist of tracks and scene sketch.

In 2018, although they already had a website, the  V.O.X. members were not satisfied with its conversion rate and contacted us to optimize it for search engines. After a thorough analysis, we have identified a number of irregularities and problems, including blocking of the search engines.

The first steps were to create a privacy policy for personal data and a warning about the use of cookies. Then we’ve worked on optimizing load speeds. Initially, the website is uploaded in 13 seconds, downloading 8.9MB of data. Currently, after a series of optimizations for both code, server and image, the website loads in 1.4 seconds, requiring only 3.3MB of data to download.

With the load speed optimized, we’ve embarked on the SEO journey. We generated the important files, unlocked the search engines in the robots.txt file, and performed the ON-Page optimization. Website structure has been improved and optimized to serve better SEO.

After technical optimizations and SEO, we have ensured an increased level of website security by solving all known WordPress vulnerabilities and installing a Firewall system.

At this time, we continue to optimize the website, update the blog, and search for organic promotion methods. Since no system is perfect, that’s why we make a back-up of the website on a regular basis, off-site, for cases where our Website or Database is compromised.