DRPCIV - Auto Quizzes

DRPCIV – Auto Quizzes: Prepare for the theoretical driving test with a tool developed especially for you! A complete solution with all updated questions for 2021 with a modern, pleasant and easy-to-use design. Optimized for both phones and tablets!


Auto Quizzes

DRPCIV – Auto Quizzes is a questionnaire application on mobile phones and tablets. It comes with many features to help you learn easier.

The questionnaire of the day is an innovative section that comes to your aid. It customizes itself to your needs. Contains the questions you missed most often in each category. If there are not enough questions, the hardest questions in the chosen category will be chosen automatically.

The learning environment is where you go through all the questions in the chosen category to be fully prepared for the exam. Clear images with road signs and markings along with a comprehensive description. The code and road regulations in full format, divided into a structure that is easy to digest and understand.

Legislation courses include first aid courses, car mechanics courses, eco-driving courses and preventive driving courses.

You can be competitive by accumulating points and entering the leaderboard. Every week the ranking is reset and the first 3 places receive a trophy. Stay connected with your friends and watch their progress.