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DRPCIV - Chestionare Auto

Trained as first class web designers, our philosophy relies on exceptional design combined with rational and impeccable functionality. We focus on revealing the essence of every design challenge to create comprehensive and sustainable solutions. We add elegance to your website and make sure your brand has the best chances of success in the online environment.

SenDesign is an online agency that focuses on quality, innovation and speed. We use technology to get the best results and to help develop our clients’ business. We pride ourselves on our ethics, integrity and results. Over time, SenDesign has succeeded in creating stunning and easy-to-use designs that have allowed our customers to have a much better and more pronounced presence in the online environment.



It is an application developed by us, the SenDesign Team! Made in a process of testing Android technologies, DRPCIV is the newest addition to the SenDesign portfolio.

It is the ideal application for those who want to support the practical driving test. Contains all exam categories: Category A, A1, A2, AM, B, B1, C, C1, D, D1, Tb, Tv, BE, CE, DE, C1E, D1E, TR, Recovery.

Together with all the tools needed to pass the theoretical exam:

    • Well-structured learning environment
    • Car indicators
    • Road markings
    • Road code
    • Road regulation
    • Courses of legislation, such as ecological management and first aid

What is different from the competition? An attractive, fluid and pleasant design. A base of questions, indicators, markings, legislation and courses updated in 2019. Format identical to the one from the exam. And, most importantly, the Questionnaire of the Day. Here are the most frequently asked and most frequently asked questions. Yes! The application automatically performs the statistics of the questions and serves the ones you have encountered the most difficulties.

The settings section is comprehensive. You can set the answers to be displayed in random order. This avoids mechanical memorization. You can disable the display of the correct answer and choose the waiting time for the learning environment.

In the History and Reports section you can see your progress by category on different sections along with the promotability rate.

Upon first access, the questions are downloaded from the database and stored locally. Each time you start, the database is queried for updates. This way you always have the latest information.