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Securitatea Website

Website Security: The road from vulnerability to solution

Website security is a delicate topic requiring both a technical implementation and a daily approach. Strong development of the internet and web space means that you can find whatever you want online. It also means that you can easily create a digital identity and start marketing your products and services. But what happens when a malicious user starts spewing your wheels?...

Structura Website

Website Structure and Content Architecture

We talked a lot about the functionality and appearance of the website, about how information should be displayed and indexed, but never about the structure of the website. So it’s time to explain the content architecture and what any website should contain. We will address 3 major categories of websites: Product Provider, Service Provider and Website Presentation....

Optimizarea vitezei website-ului, Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization: Introduction, quick guide and useful tips

Website speed optimization has never been so disputed as at the moment. Although the speed of the Internet is constantly increasing, the subject is becoming more and more pressing. We are in a pursuit of perfect scores and not real performance. Google is the main culprit, although it claims that speed is essential and offers many criteria, it is dual in nature and does not take into account half of them....

Sponsorship: Humanitarian Projects!

Sponsorship: Humanitarian Projects!

We want to be involved in humanitarian and charitable projects. If you have an ongoing project or want to start one, you can get a 90% discount for the Web Design packages or even complete sponsorship! The offer is valid indefinitely and applies only to non-profit projects of a humanitarian or charitable nature. The main condition is that SenDesign be mentioned as the main sponsor in all appearances of the organization / project in the online and media environment. For questions, do not hesitate to contact us....

Promo: Discounts for start-ups!

Promo: Discounts for start-ups!

Promotion! We offer between 10% and 45% discount on Web Design projects if you have just opened a business. Tell us about your project and show us your business plan. If we like it, we’ll support your business by offering you a discount. The promotion is valid indefinitely and applies only to new businesses or new business projects. We reserve the right to choose the projects on which we apply the reduction as well as the reduced percentage. For questions, do not hesitate to contact us....

Promo: Discounts for students!

Promo: Discounts for students!

Promo! We offer discounts for students! If you are a student and you need a website for university projects, we offer you a 40% discount! The promotion is valid indefinitely and is applied on the basis of the student card. Discounts per package: Web Design – 40%; Logo Design – 40%; Mobile Development – 20%; Web Development – 20%; For questions, do not hesitate to contact us....

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