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Web APP: How much does it cost to develop an application?

If you want to develop a web app, the development service is a common one even in Romania. However, few service providers offer a price list or a starting price. This is due to the large complexity difference between any two developed web applications.

What is a web app?

A web app is a server-level application that is accessed through a browser. The web development process is different from other software or mobile development processes, in that the resources, calculations and results are centrally stored on a server. A user can access the application without installing a particular program. Open a browser such as Google Chrome, access the domain or IP of the application and start using it.

The advantages of a web app:

  • Low development cost compared to native development.
  • No installation required.
  • It is available anywhere in the world, regardless of the device.
  • It is not based on the processing power of the user’s device, but on that of the host server.
  • It should not be developed for each operating system. Universal compatible.

The disadvantages of a web app:

  • Requires internet connection for use.
  • It requires a high level of security.
  • There are monthly costs such as hosting.
  • Device native features such as fingerprint authentication are missing.
  • The upload speed is lower and the latency greater than an offline application.

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Cost decision makers

In the web development process, the complexity and size of the application matters a lot. Although an application may initially seem small, the cost may be higher than you would expect. For example, a 3-page web application may be more expensive than a 20-page application if it requires advanced integrations such as a database, synchronization with an external server, or the generation of documents such as invoices.

The more elaborate calculations the application makes and exports the information in different formats, the higher the price of the web development process.

The elements that represent the decision-makers in the cost of a web app in decreasing order of weight are:

  1. Database integration.
  2. Payment processing.
  3. Document generation.
  4. Number of pages.
  5. Integration of external services.
  6. Type of information inputs and queries.
  7. User authentication and number of user types / permissions.
  8. Application design.
  9. Application security.
  10. The quantity and type of information to be processed.
  11. Server type: Web Hosting, Cloud, Intranet, etc.
  12. Generating emails, alarms or notifications.
  13. Connecting with Social Media
  14. Calendar implementation
  15. Implementation Geolocation and maps

Web Development – Estimated Cost

In Romania, the cost of developing a web application starts from 570 euros + VAT and is a service that we can offer you ourselves. To help you calculate how much the desired application could cost you, we have created a specialized tool! Use our instant computer to find the estimated cost. If you leave us your email address at the end, we will confirm the final price according to your choices.

Remember to apply discounts to customers who order more SenDesign services!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Victor Marcoianu

Victor is a web and software developer. He first started designing websites when I was 12 and since then he made more than 50 successful websites. Victor now work on both backend and frontend developing for multiple mediums including: Online, Desktop, Mobile and Server.