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Newsletter – How to use email marketing campaigns

Email newsletter marketing has grown so much that it has become one of the main advertising channels. If in the case of social networks, there is a segment of people who do not use them, everyone has an email box and everyone checks at least once a day.

Being such a good tool, it is also intensely used. Competition is fierce. An email marketing campaign needs to be very careful that your target audience is to open your email in the hundreds of spam or competition.

Why send Newsletters?

Because email marketing is a very good organic method of audience retention. Once visitors have expressed an interest in your services or products, give them a reason to return. He can see or get something new he didn’t find initially. Or maybe a new product of interest has emerged.

When you launch offers and discounts, the goal is to sell more. To do this, the general public must know them beforehand. So here too, email marketing can help. Statistically, emails have the highest conversion rate. Far beyond what CPC marketing offers. In addition, you can choose your target audience.

How to proceed

First, let’s determine what you need for a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. Bait. That element that motivates users to subscribe.
  2. Form. The subscription form, as beautiful, simple and attractive.
  3. Auto-answer. After subscription, the user will receive a welcome message and possibly the promised reward.
  4. Text. Strong and compelling texts to use in the newsletter. Text to sell and to convince.
  5. Blogging and content strategies. You have to differentiate yourself from the competition and from the hundreds of spam emails. Use the blog to publish articles of interest to share by email.
  6. A pleasant, modern design that 100% respects the brand identity. Set up an interesting template for the newsletter and a few variable items so you don’t have more identical emails.
  7. Segmentation! It is very important to segment your audience correctly. Do not send emails with offers about soaps to people interested in electronics or vice versa.

How to increase your audience

Most people place a newsletter subscription form or create a website popup. A strategy not exactly effective. Users need to be convinced to subscribe. You must offer them something in exchange for their email address and data usage agreement. Depending on the field of activity, there are several options for bribing the audience:

  • Give them a free ebook. It can be a quick guide or even a small book.
  • Provides a number of useful tricks.
  • Offer a discount on the first order.
  • A free audit.
  • Free or low cost consultation.
  • Access to a tutorial. PDF or Video.
  • Loyalty points.

Be creative! There are numerous opportunities to attract new subscribers to your newsletter audience. Use multiple methods by rotating or simultaneously to increase your subscription chances in each market segment.

Audience segmentation

A proper form must first of all be beautiful and attractive. Although it is advisable to keep it as simple and fast as possible, it is favorable to the campaign if you know as much user information as possible. For example, your first and last name so you can personalize their welcome message. Find out their interests and anything that might help you put them in the right category.

The subscription button should be interesting. For example: Send me the guide or Download the book. A short description of what to send in a list format is recommended to convince even the most fearful.

Not only will incorrect segmentation not bring you the desired profit, but it may motivate users to unsubscribe. Keeps track of your browsing history, bait used, and past orders. Send them products, services, offers or items from their sphere of interest and 2-3 from a similar sphere, if they may be interested.

Newsletter design

It’s no surprise that more than 65% of emails are reed on mobile. Conceptually, the same principles apply as the optimization for mobile of a website but using only one method: Mobile First. Each mailbox respects a percentage of HTML standards, unlike browsers. So the design must be compatible. It is much safer to create the design from the start for mobile. A size of at least 500 pixels and up to 600 pixels in width ensures a uniform appearance regardless of the device.

Less is more. Don’t get complicated with sophisticated designs. Use something simple, beautiful that will allow the content to be read easily. Do not forget! There is only one content column on mobile. Although theoretically you can increase at least 2, you lose the visual impact.

What makes a newsletter enjoyable to the public?

  • It is easy to digest. It does not send a text of 200-300 words. No one will read it.
  • Be interactive as well as animated. To get the public’s attention and take them to the desired landing page.
  • It is relevant. If it does not contain products or services in the category of interest, they will lose their trust in the brand.
  • Immediate gratification. People want what you promise them instantly. Do not send newsletters with what will be available in one month. Show them what they can get right away.
  • It always improves according to the result. Whether it’s design, segmentation or content, you need to be constantly developing.
  • A friendly address
  • A bit of humor. Even the business public appreciates a slight humorous insertion.

What not to do!

The first and most important tip is for users to subscribe voluntarily. Do not buy databases with emails. They will have no effect and risk and a round fine under the new GDPR regulations.

Include an easy method of unsubscribing and respect their wishes. We all have those spam emails that, no matter how much we unsubscribe, have no effect. A simple unsubscription is not an end of the country, but if you continue to send them newsletters without their consent, you have the guarantee that they will never buy from you again.

Do not address the general public in the text of the email. Do not use the plural or BUY NOW messages. Ask the person you are writing to the second person. It must feel like the email is dedicated to them! Include the recipient’s name at the beginning of the email. Introduce yourself as a friend. Do not wear corporate clothing, but put on your friendship hat. Write your content warmly to make it as attractive, personal and human as possible.

Don’t be cheap with the text! Just a bunch of pictures is not enough! Link them through some interesting, even amazing text. Hire someone to help you if you’re not good at words. They can even begin to look forward to your emails. In contrast, if a subscriber is unhappy with what he has received in the inbox, he will probably not open or even unsubscribe. from the newsletter.

Don’t schedule emails during the night. Choose the schedule carefully. Use business hours for corporate emails and even weekends for the general public.

Do not keep subscribers who do not open emails for longer than 6 months. Probably no longer using the mailbox or they marked you as spam.

Do not use text such as buy now, limited offer, discount, etc. too often in email. You could be classified as spam.

Don’t just rely on pictures. Some email clients block images from the start. Your email should look good even without them.

Monitor and improve newsletter campaigns

Keep an eye on the results of each campaign. There are some statistics that can help you improve your results:

  • Number of openings and segments with the highest rate. If the number is small, rethink email segmentation and relevance. Is it constantly declining? Then it improves the design and content.
  • Click-through rate. Click-through rate is the ratio of people opening a link in the email versus the total number of people receiving the email. A low clickthrough rate means poor content quality, especially of the message being transmitted.
  • Unsubscribe rate. Unsubscribes are normal. Regardless of your efforts, someone will not want to receive your newsletter again. If the rate is too high, try to find out why people subscribed in the first place, versus what you actually offered. You may have just wanted the bait or the content was irrelevant.

Email marketing is constantly evolving along with audience preferences as generations change. Keep up with the new trends in both technical and design.


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