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How to use social media to increase your website traffic

Social media is the perfect tool for promoting a brand or business. Everyone has an account on social networks, regardless of their field of activity. Thus, the correct use and efficient planning of the postings can exponentially increase your website traffic and brand awareness.

Why Social Media?

social mediaIf you are wondering why social networks are so important, the answer is as simple as possible: they are used by a very large number of people from many fields. Most customers and potential customers of your business use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. This demographic segment spends at least 2 hours a day browsing content distributed on social networks. If your content is also on social media platforms, the chances for potential customers to find it are much greater and thus the interest for your business and brand increases.

Google puts great price on traffic coming from social media. Therefore, in organic search results, search engines prioritize websites with traffic from these sources. It is considered natural traffic and of maximum interest for visitors. If you put the right focus on marketing in social networks you have a dual benefit: you increase your customers’ reach and ensure a better position for your website in organic search results.

The Secret of Success in Social Networks

In order to attract attention in social media, you must distribute not only your services or products, but content of interest. This content is related to the business area of your business, but it gives the reader added value. For example, if you have a company that sells U-PVC windows and doors, write an article on the Blog of the website about their benefits over normal windows and doors. In addition to SEO optimization that should not be missing from the article, distribute it in Social Media. Thus, someone who is not just interested in your products, will open the article out of curiosity.

Social media

The Appropriate Social Media Approach

If you offer services, make sure they are present on the pages of the social networks. Facebook has a dedicated section for pages. The company’s portfolio is very important. Each project or client present in the portfolio must also be displayed on social media. For both services and portfolio, put a short description with a link to the page on the website where you can read the full text.

If you offer products, the approach depends on their number. You can add them all, Facebook also has a section for products, or just a few more interesting ones. Create an album for your product categories and add a representative image for each, along with the link to the website.

Proceed the same with all the discounts, offers or news offered. The description should be short, 3-4 rows, to capture the interest. It is important that the interested persons are captured through social media and finally directed to the website. Your organic traffic and SEO score will increase, and users will start to access the website from other sources, such as organic results pages.

Content of Interest

social mediaIn order of importance, the content that can be distributed on social media is:

  1. Blog articles. These should be related to the offer of your company, without necessarily including it. Do not describe your products or services here, but publishes news, events, benefits, applications and content of interest related to them. Find out the secrets behind a successful Blog.
  2. Services or Product Categories. It is important for potential customers to know your offer and field of activity without having to leave social media.
  3. Portfolio or important people who use your products. This will stimulate your interest and gain confidence, increasing the chances of the reader entering your website.
  4. Video Content. Video materials have a very strong impact on the public. An image makes as many as 1000 words. A video contains an average of 24 images per second.
  5. News, offers and discounts. There is a large segment of people who, even if they want a product, need a little boost before making a purchase.
  6. Events of interest. Product launches, webinars, store openings and any event can attract potential visitors from social media.


Social Media is a very powerful marketing tool. It can increase both the number of customers and the website traffic. It is very important to build an effective marketing plan and to distribute in an attractive format the information that may increase the interest for your business.

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Victor is a web and software developer. He first started designing websites when I was 12 and since then he made more than 50 successful websites. Victor now work on both backend and frontend developing for multiple mediums including: Online, Desktop, Mobile and Server.