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Secrets behind a successful logo

Every company has a logo a and it dictates to some extent the success of the brand it represents. In this article we will outline the key elements of the logo and the criteria to be followed to guarantee its success.

The Importance of a Logo

What is the primary importance of a logo and what is its primary role? It is the essence of the Brand, so it confers and reflects identity! The identity of the company will be dictated by its design, colors, forms, subtle message and all other elements of the logo. Before you start a great idea that will become a very important part of the company, it would be ideal to consult with specialists and, depending on the field of activity and ideas put together by the designer and buyer, the logo will could finally be created.

A second valuable factor in the importance of the role of a logo is to capture and keep people’s attention for a long time, so that they get reminded, through a single glance, what it represent and what is the message of this logo.

A third goal to achieve is to make future buyers / customers understand the product and the business or services offered by the design we build.

People in general will see the logo in different forms, from their own perspective, so we came to the first conclusion of the importance of the logo in each element. The logo has to be thought of as an attribute that reflects what “something” will be interpreted by different people. The more work is done on the meaning of the logo itself, the more control over what people will understand will be more easily mastered and applied.

Textul Logo-ului

The font psychology.

What is actually a logo?

A logo is first and foremost a complex strategy tool, not just a piece of art!

The main idea to be taken into consideration by a designer when creating the logo is in full swing is not to build a nice logo that looks good and fits into the customer’s personality. The logo should be treated as a strategic tool for business! This tool will allow the company to identify itself through its excessively fierce competition, its uniqueness and its message. Of course, this does not mean that the logo does not have a beautiful, orderly and elegant look. This factor, however, is put on the second place after its identification as a main element in its elaboration.

The psychology behind the design

The psychology behind design is one of the most important aspects behind the creative process. This determinant is associated with the colors and shapes chosen, but it is not just that. Of course, these elements easily influence our mood and may lead us to make choices that we would not normally adopt.

We will enumerate some of the most necessary principles behind the psychology used in assembling the logo:



Shape Psychology

One of the most important requirements to follow and take into account in creating a successful logo is to keep design as simple as possible. The best logos ever created by artists are the most simplistic. They offer quality more clarity.

When you think about your own business, you can create an image that reflects all the memories and experiences you have before. When a logo is simple, people find it much easier, and with the passage of time, when someone sees it, it can easily associate it with memories, experiences and interactions with that brand. How to use this tool can make the difference between a successful business and a mediocre one.

Most people who start or want to start a business do not know or do not want to take this into consideration. So they choose a logo full of colors, shapes and exaggerated details. Indeed, a true art! But this approach answers the question: Who has the time and the patience to observe all the details of that logo, which is among the thousands of logos?

Of course, with the help of simplicity, one glance can memorize the whole logo, so it will be recognized immediately the second time someone sees  it but also the third time.

The Colors

Our psychic is very receptive to visual stimuli like colors. The human mind, thoughts and emotions can be easily controlled by warm colors, cold colors, nuances, but combinations of neutral colors. All of this can change our minds altogether and make us change our state and emotions in a fraction of a second.

Like the chosen background, colors also have the role of creating tonality in the read text, emphasizing the company’s message, and amplifying the effects of design on the public.

What a color has to do is to improve and strengthen the logo design, not to define it, these being the first things identified and remarked by the brain.

Psihologia culorilor logo-ului

Color Psychology



Another example of Font Psychology

Another basic rule of psychology in a logo is the font! Based on the Logo and its colors, the rest of the company’s graphic design elements (business cards, maps, headers – Website etc) will be established. The font chosen must be visible, easy to read, and also be in harmony with the rest of the puzzle pieces that make up the Logo itself.

Cosmetic visual identity not only has a favorable potential for brands. At some point and in some cases, it becomes essential and the typography can make the difference.

All elements of the logo and its design have a specific role. What happens if the audience can not read or identify the letters? In fact, if they pass more than a few seconds, they will give up and completely ignore the message, even if the other elements are appealing and well organized.

The Symbol

The symbol represents the “mascot” of the logo, which can be introduced in the design as subtly or visibly as possible, capturing the rest of the elements and making the brand recognizable only after its symbolism.

Of course, this element is not necessarily necessary in the creation procedure. A logo can easily be recognized without this factor, but this movement should only be considered if the field does not require a symbol.

This mascot can be very strong, in this way it can justify a fine print or darker colors.

If you need a logo, do not hesitate to contact us! We offer complete digital branding services.

Victor Marcoianu

Victor is a web and software developer. He first started designing websites when I was 12 and since then he made more than 50 successful websites. Victor now work on both backend and frontend developing for multiple mediums including: Online, Desktop, Mobile and Server.